Complete Tasting Menu
S/. 110 Per person.
Minimum 4 persons.


2 beverages of election
White/Red Wine or Pisco Sour
Bear, Chicha Morada or Coffe


Cold Entrees Tasting
Platter of lemon marinated fish of the day
Mixed Ceviche
Yellow mashed potato cakes stuffed with fresh crab meat
Skinless octopus in black olive sauce
Papas a la Huancaina (Potato slices in a smooth creamy aji sauce)
Arequipa’s style green ocopa sauce.
*Recommended Wines: Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.


Warm Entrees Tasting
Crispy shrimps in quinoa golden fried with gooseberry syrup
Small fish brochettes in a smooth yellow chili sauce
Beef heart kebab in a rocoto pepper sauce
Lima’s style stuffed potato croquettes
Home-made green tamale
Pieces of crispy fried pork
Arequipa style stuffed Peruvian rocoto pepper
Cumin buttered corn kernels
*Recommended Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon.


Main Course Try-Out
Aji de Gallina (shredded chicken in a smooth aji sauce served on a slice of potato with rice)
Classic stir-fried tenderloin
Lima’s style beef stew with coriander leaves and chili peppers
Dried potatoes stew with pork meat
Andean tuber stew with jerky Piura’s style beans with carob tree honey
Ica´s style mashed lima beans
White rice.
*Recommended Wines: Malbec


Home-made Dessert Platter

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