Beef Stew with Coriander Leaves and Chili Peppers S/.42

Traditional Lima cross-cut rib stew, soaked in our distinctive sauce made of coriander, onions, chili, roasted garlic, carrots and peas, and beef consommé with a dash of yellow maize fermented liquor (chicha de jora), served with beans in carob tree honey and white rice.
*Recommended wine: Malbec.

Thin Crispy Breaded Steak S/. 45

Thin breaded tenderloin fillet, crispy and golden pan-fried accompanied with a blend of fried rice with black beans in mild chili, fried plantains, sunny-side up egg and crispy onion and chili salad. Memorable.
*Recommended wine: Malbec.

Northen - Style Baby Goat Stew S/. 47

A delicious combination of baby goat pieces simmered in fermented corn drink (chicha de jora) from Lambayeque, stewed in a baby goat consommé with spices, coriander, loche pumpkin and chili scented, served with creamy yuccas from Trujillo or with beans in carob tree honey sauce and white rice.
*Recommended wine: Merlot.

Brujas de Cachiche Stir Fried Tenderloin S/. 42

Delicious and juicy tender pieces of tenderloin, sautéed and golden-fried in skillet, in a special magic sauce of the house, made with onions, chili and tomatoes. Accompanied with northern rice and Andean tender corn kernels & French fried potatoes.
*Recommended wine: Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Label.

Tenderloin Medallion our House Style S/. 42

Juicy tenderloin medallion bathed in our secret house style beef sauce, accompanied with white rice & tender Andean corn, crowned with a sunny side up egg.
*Recommended wine: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tender Suckling Pig Cooked in Herbs S/. 52

Cooked slowly and gently in herb & pepper aromas together with the Peruvian tacu- tacu of your choice.
*Recommended Wine: Malbec Reserve.

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