Sea Festival
The Sea Festival, starting on January and ending on May, our buffets and menus are full of fresh seafood dishes. This festival allows our guests to indulge an extensive, diverse and delicious range of fishes and seafood, prepared by our witch cooks with our own original recipes.

Lobster Festival
Be delighted with our delicious lobsters; have a memorable experience and enjoy them with the best Pisco Sour and a Parihuela, both on the house.

Salteados and Tacutacus
In the months of August and September we display our famous festivals of Salteados and Tacutacus, a large variety of local Creole dishes with sharp flavours from our exclusive contemporary cuisine, creating delicious sautéed platters with beef, chicken, fish and seafood, served with our famous rice patties (Tacu-tacu) mixed with mushrooms, shrimp, shellfish, lentils, black beans or lima beans.

Lord of Miracles
In October of every year the restaurant dresses in purple, commemorating the month of The Lord of Miracles, the most popular religious festivity in Lima, and we present our famous festival of Peruvian Regional Cuisine, a display of the most selected dishes from different parts of the country. A unique festival of flavours, colours, aromas and music.

Soup and Creams Festival
At Brujas you will be able to enjoy our chupes, aguaditos, parihuelas and the best creams that gather together the real native Peruvian flavours and ingredients of our gastronomy.

Our aniversary
For our Aniversary, October 31, the day of the witches and sorcerers, which is also Halloween and the day of the Peruvian Creole Music, we really put on our best gowns, with music bands playing typical music and dances. The best of our cuisine is displayed in a beautiful ambiance of feast and friendship.

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