Before electing and entering into a franchise relationship, the prospective franchisee, who is interested in using a brand or know-how, should conduct a number of assessments of the franchising company with which it intends to establish a new and long term relationship.
Before selecting or electing a franchise, prospective franchisees should take into account certain aspects:
1. Focus on a franchise already existing and reputable.
2. Invest in a company that has proved to have a successful, profitable and longstanding business concept.
3. The activity should one that the prospective franchisee feels comfortable with and fully enjoys.
4. Select a company from which it will receive ongoing support and supervision, training and warranty of a product that is attractive to new customers.
In BRUJAS DE Cachiche, we are committed to ensuring the success of our franchises and, above all, the success of our franchisees. For us, this is a strategic growth process, and we have an increasing number of people committed to strengthening and successfully expanding our Brand.
Our business concept has had an increasingly successful track record over the 15 years of experience in the market, allowing us to offer a low risk business with high quality and service standards, where we exercise extreme care from major issues to minute details, compelling us to keep “BRUJAS DE Cachiche” as a modern brand, maintaining however at the same time our ancestral culinary traditions. The secret of this magic concept: “BRUJAS DE Cachiche”, is preserving the origins of the classic Peruvian cuisine and enhancing it with vintage family recipes, supplemented by a proper price – quality combination, constituting the pillar of the success of our brand.

Concept and Description of the Business to be Franchised
A franchise is a collaborative scheme between two or more persons (natural or legal persons), whereby one of them, the franchisor (owner of the brand and/or know-how) grants to the other, the franchisee, for a given period of time, the right to use the brand and/or know-how, the same way the franchisor presently does, abiding by specific instructions and guidance to be provided by the franchisor, receiving in exchange a fee.
The business concept of “BRUJAS DE Cachiche”, which identifies with a classic Peruvian cuisine restaurant in the form of a franchise, is a highly innovative concept to cater for an increasing demand spurred by the open appreciation and growing presence of Peruvian gastronomy in leading international culinary markets
The “BRUJAS DE Cachiche” brand franchise offers the possibility of granting under an Individual or Master Franchise successful businesses with countless opportunities as an identity chain. These attractive businesses are based on the transfer of know-how for the production and sale of innovative, high quality and highly appealing food dishes, and on the transfer of core knowledge for an Excellence in fast and efficient customer service. All of this comes along with the support of a reliable organization composed of a team with extensive experience in the field of gastronomy.

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