Gourmet Menu A: Specially designed for our "La Cava" room.
Maximum Capacity: 10 persons.
Price: S/. 199.00 ($70 Dollars) per person
Includes tax and service charge.


Welcome glass of Champaign.


Pisco Sour or algarrobina (carob honey-alcoholic beverage).
Glass of house wine or beer.
Purple Corn Refreshment or Beer.
Coffee, traditional tea or flavoured teas.


1. Hot stone cooked crawfish Ceviche in acholado pisco Bloody Mary; Warm crawfish tails blasted in the hearth placed on a bed of glazed sweet potatoes, onions, rocoto and aji limo cuts, all bathed in a crawfish Coral tiger milk and green must acholado pisco Bloody Mary.
Recommended Wine: Chardonnay Reserve

2. Causa stuffed with chalaquitas with grilled seafood, Causa stuffed with special house chalaquita, with octopus tentacles, squid and carob coal shrimp.
Recommended Wine: Chardonnay Reserve

3. Tiradito Brujas de Cachiche: Fine sheets of catch of the day, skinned octopus chunks and lime-marinated shrimp, with ají limo, parsley and extra virgin olive oil, accompanied with creamy slices of avocado, fine julienne onions and corn kernels.
Recommended Wine: Alvariño / Sauvignon Blanc

4. Duck muchame salad in fine herbs vinaigrette and tomato confit.
Recommended Wine: Chardonnay Reserve

5. Octopus cooked two ways on a vegetable coal grill served with lima beans morusa and chalaquitas our style.


1. Rocoto-seasoned crawfish Timbal, pappardelle au gratin in exquisite rocoto pepper and coral sauce with juicy crawfish tails.
Recommended Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec Reserve

2. Seco of Grouper (Murique) with crawfish; traditional Lima stew made with grouper cuts, cilantro sauce, onions, aji pepper, grilled garlic, carrots and peas, accompanied with crawfish tails and served with carob black beans and white rice.
Recommended Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

3.Patagonia lamb shinbone in sacha cilantro and a shower of toasted garlic.
Recommended Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve / Malbec

4. Crawfish in Cau Cau.
Recommended Wine: Camenere Reserve

5. Rice with lobster tails & seafood.


1. Smooth lucuma cream with Brownie chunks.
2. Pumpkin Picarones with vanilla ice-cream.
3. Alfajor del gran brujo de Cachiche with vanilla ice-cream. (Sweet biscuits with caramel spread filling)
4. Chirimoya in tumbito blankmange.
5. Traditional Suspiro a la limeña (A rich sweet creamy delight).


NOTE: This Gourmet list may change depending on the availability of the season.
Prices in local currency.
Includes tax and service charge

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