All Lobster Dishes: S/. 110

Punta Veleros / Piura Lobster mixed Ceviche

Made in our own style, delicious low heat cooked tail lobsters (poached) with sea bass cubes, shrimps, skinless octopus, squids and scallops, marinated in lemon juice, aromatic herbs and a mild touch of yellow chili pepper. The delicious juice of this cooking is warm-served in a Kero glass, for your delight. An outstanding experience!
*Recommended wine: Sauvignon Blanc Dry Reserve Label.

Tumbe's Lobster with Parmesan Cheese au Gratin

Single unit lobster cooked au gratin with parmesan cheese, white wine and aromatic herbs butter.
*Recommended wine: Malbec.

Peruvian Style Lobster Thermidor

Cubes of lobster meat served in two half shells, with white and hollandaise sauces, flambé in Peruvian pisco and cooked au gratin with parmesan cheese.
*Recommended wine: Merlot Reserve Label.


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