A magic tour through our ancient cultures and abundant natural diversity is a must to enjoy the marvelous DISHES FROM PERU. The wonderful and warm colors of Pre-Columbian cultures enhance our dining rooms in which the aroma of our Creole dishes bewitches our guests with the magic variety of our delicious flavors and textures.

El Staff

Dr. César A. Alcorta y Suero
Director Ejecutivo* Propietario

Sra. Consuelo Valdivia
Administradora General

Sr. Ignacio Alcorta D.
Chef Cord. Bleu
Seguridad Alimentaria (ISO 9001-2000 / HACCP)

Sra. María del Pilar Gómez de Alcorta
Jefa de Marketing e Imagen Corporativa

Srta. Rocío Carbajo A.
Coordinadora de Ventas, Eventos y Reservas

Sr. Roberto Reyes Ricse
Maitre Jefe de Salón.

Sr. Jael Ramos Vidal
Barman Jefe de Bar.

Sr. Julio Suárez Ramos

Srta. Diana Carbajo Anchay


In Brujas de Cachiche, we are committed to ensuring the success of our franchises and, above all, the success of our franchisees. For us, this is a strategic growth process, and we have an increasing number of people committed to strengthening and successfully expanding our Brand.

History & Legend

Popular memory tells that the land of Cachiche illuminates the vineyards with the moist of the "viuda llorona" (weeping widow), a loner pilgrim ghost which drinks the thirst of the faded land.
It can still be heard today rising from the bushes, the whispering of the "pitiful widow", temptation of a woman seeking man among the population of Cachiche, endeavouring to teach them the heat of hell and the cold delights of paradise.
This is where the good witches of Cachiche have been convoked, the most desired because of their beauty and good hearted nature. Under their guardianship we will be saved from "damage", from hot flashes of love, "evil eye", "fright sickness", body and soul diseases, solely by the exciting spell of a heavenly and earthly cuisine.

Brujas in the world

The Restaurant has performed several gastronomic presentations in different scenarios around the world.
The city of Paris got to know and enjoyed the best culinary art from Peru at the “Peruvian Gastronomy Festival”, presented at the Exclusive Hotel George V. In this scenario Brujas de Cachiche proudly displayed the most exquisite Peruvian dishes, which were the piece de resistance in Europe.
The "Peruvian Week in Monaco" was developed in the city of Monaco". Brujas de Cachiche was entrusted with the development of the gastronomic aspects. Customers' attendance was outstanding in the famous restaurant Café de Paris, which was a brilliant scenario for the best of Peruvian Cuisine.


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