Chunks of beef, chicken, fish, shellfish or vegetables, cut in different fashions, soaked in aromatic herbs, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, golden grilled in charcoal and served with exquisite Peruvian rocoto pepper sauces, tender Andean corn accompanied with a variety of potatoes or yuccas. Wine marriage at client's choice.

Mushroom Kebab
Heart Beef Kebab
Chicken Breast Kebab
Shrimp Kebab
Tenderloin Kebak
Sea Bass or Grouper Kebab

S/. 12
S/. 15
S/. 35
S/. 30
S/. 15
S/. 38



Andean Tuber/Olluquito Stew with Jerky S/. 25

Traditional creole stew prepared with fresh chopped olluquitos/Andean tubers, cooked in chili stew and traditional beef jerky.

Diced Tripe Cau Stew S/. 25

Tender slow-cooked diced tripe and Peruvian potatoes cooked in bijol and yerbabuena pot.

Dried Potato Stew S/. 25

Dried potato and pork meat stewed in Peruvian panca chili pepper and spices.


*Recommended wines: Malbec.

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