The Peruvian Cuisine, one of the most unique gastronomic experiences in the world, has a warm and exclusive scenario in our five-forks restaurant Brujas de Cachiche.

  • Rice & Seafood
  • Ceviche
  • Warm Entrees Tasting
  • Mero Murique stretcher sauce
  • Hors D'oeuvres

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  • Saltados y Tacu-tacusSaltados and Tacu-tacus

    In the months of August and September we display our famous festivals of Salteados and Tatutacus, a large variety of local Creole dishes with sharp flavours from our exclusive contemporary cuisine.

  • Carnaval del marSea Festival

    The Sea Festival, starting on January and ending on May, our buffets and menus are full of fresh seafood dishes.

  • Comida del Señor de SipánLobster Festival

    Be delighted with our delicious lobsters; have a memorable experience and enjoy them with the best Pisco Sour and a Parihuela, both on the house.

  • Festival de LangostasSoup and Creams Festival

    At Brujas you will be able to enjoy our chupes, aguaditos, parihuelas and the best creams that gather together the real native Peruvian flavours and ingredients of our gastronomy.

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    Las brujas de cachiche

    This is where the good witches of Cachiche have been convoked, the most desired because of their beauty and good hearted nature. Under their guardianship we will be saved from "damage", from hot flashes of love, "evil eye", "fright sickness", body and soul diseases, solely by the exciting spell of a heavenly and earthly cuisine.

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