At Brujas de Cachiche we offer a variety of private rooms and a wide range of culinary alternatives with the tastiest of the famous Peruvian gastronomy and our renowned excellence in customer service.


This is our main room, located on the first floor of our Restaurant and decorated with artistic motifs of the Inca, Moche and Chancay Cultures. Equipped with modern air conditioning systems it offers a wide range of possible services and the exclusive room for our main Buffet.

Maximum Capacity:
180 persons for banquette service or Menu.
250 persons for Cocktail service.


This is our second most important and second largest room. Located on the second level of the Restaurant, it has been attractively decorated with colourful and wise Peruvian cultural motifs.

Maximum Capacity:
80 persons for Buffet service in clay pots.
100 persons for Menu service.
120 seated persons to use location as Auditorium.
200 persons for Cocktail service.


Called "Salon Chancay" or "El salón de las muñecas" owing to its breathtaking decoration with multiple motifs of this important Peruvian Coastal culture. Located on the third level of the Restaurant, it possesses a beautiful comfortable reception room. This is the room where Princess SAYACO, daughter of the Japanese Emperor, was entertained during her visit to Peru. The interesting decoration introduces ceramics, masks and dolls from the Chancay Culture.

Maximum Capacity:
25 persons for Buffet service in clay pots.
30 persons for Menu service.
35 seated persons to use location as Auditorium.
50 persons for Cocktail service.


This beautiful room is found on the second intermediate level of our first manor house. Acoustically set, it is equipped with a central air conditioning system and pleasant ambient music.

Maximum Capacity:
40 persons for Buffet service in clay pots.
50 persons for Menu service.
70 seated persons to use location as Auditorium.
100 persons for Cocktail service.


Visit also:

  • Executive sessions and work.
  • Business presentations.
  • Boards and Directories.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Seminars.
  • Cocktails.
  • Receptions.


One of the biggest attractions of the Restaurant is our beautiful wine cellar. This especially designed environment fitted to keep our wines can store up to 1,500, kept at an average temperature of 18° GC. Conceived to be also a "Gourmet" diner, our Cellar only takes special reservations and offers an exclusive national-international gourmet menu.

Capacity for 16 persons
Our Cellar has a one-piece wooden friar table with capacity to seat up to 16 persons to be served with special china, glasses and silverware.
A singular atmosphere
Our ambiance has a picture gallery reminiscent of many pleasurable enology and gastronomic encounters, as well as memories of Peruvian food festivals organized by our Restaurant, Brujas de Cachiche, in Paris, Monaco, Varadero, Santiago de Chile and La Serena, as well as visits paid to the best vineyards in France, Spain, Chile and Argentina.
A place for special meetings
This memorable setting is where monthly gastronomic - enology meetings are held by "La Cofradia de los Brujos de Cachiche", a true culinary creation lab and epicure enjoyment.

Actividades especiales para nuestros servicios

  • Peruvian choreographed dances.
  • International folk music or dance.
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