Arroz con Pollo (Rice & Chicken) S/. 26

Free-range chicken breast fillets golden browned in extra virgin olive oil, cooked with rice in garlic, aji, and cilantro purée flavours and aromas, pepper and chicken broth.

Hot Cream Chicken S/. 32

Chicken in a creamy yellow aji and nuts sauce, served with white rice and baked-fried yellow potatoes.

Arroz con Pato a la Norteña S/. 32

Selected duck leg cooked with rice in incomparable garlic and aji flavours and aromas, loche pumpkin, northern chicha de jora, sacha cilantro and duck broth

Pato al ají (Moche Sipan) S/. 32

Chunks of selected duck leg and breast slow-cooked in its own broth in a clay pot, deliciously stewed with aji and chicha de jora from Lambayeque, served with carob honey beans.
*Marriage: Kero of Chicha de Jora from Lambayeque.
*Alternative: Malbec Reserve..

Source: This recipe is the result of Brujas exhaustive research in gastronomy from the Moche Culture, three thousand years of Peruvian Gastronomy.

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