Gourmet Menu specially designed for our "La Cava" room.
Maximum Capacity: 10 persons.
Price per person S/. 199.00 ($70 Dollars).
Includes tax and service charge.
Reserve "LA CAVA" room 24 hours in advance.
Air conditioning.
Ambiance Music.


Welcome glass of Champaign.


Pisco Sour or algarrobina (carob honey-alcoholic beverage).
Glass of House Wine or Beer.
Purple Corn Refreshment or Beer.
Coffee, traditional tea or flavoured teas.


1. Mixed Ceviche with lobster tails from Punta Veleros and choice seafood.
Recommended Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

2. Causa Platter, stuffed with crabmeat, pulpo al olivo, lobster and lomo saltado.
Recommended Wine: Malbec / Merlot

3. Jumbo shrimps wrapped in Serrano ham with asparagus served in passion fruit sauce.
Recommended Wine: Chardonnay Reserve

4. Giant clam trilogy, grilled in quebranta pisco Bloody Mary, in pisco sour bisque and passion fruit sour foam.
Recommended Wine: Malbec/Merlot

5. Rocoto pepper stuffed with lobster and crawfish.
Recommended Wine: Malbec/Shiraz

6. Rocoto pepper stuffed with soft yellow potato dough lightly salted, with a touch of lime, and sautéed crawfish tails seasoned Arequipa style, accompanied with assorted organic lettuce salad.


1. Patagonia lamb shinbone patiently cooked in Cabernet Sauvignon.
Recommended Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

2. USA Steak (Angus Beef) in Porcon fungi sauce (Cajamarca) with baked potatoes.
Recommended Wine: Malbec Reserve.

3. Charcoal sea bass in lime butter; generous sea bass fillet served on a bed of sautéed spinach and a shower of toasted garlic.
Recommended Wine: Chardonnay Reserve

4. Lobster in carapulcra.
Recommended Wine: Camenere

5. Lobster Thermidor, lobster meat cubes served in Half Shell café de Paris style.
Recommended Wine: Chardonnay Reserve

6. Brujas de Cachiche au gratin in parmesan cheese & Béarnaise Sauce, all flambé in French Cognac.


1. Smooth lucuma cream with Brownie chunks.
2. Pumpkin Picarones with vanilla ice-cream.
3. Alfajor del gran brujo de Cachiche with vanilla ice-cream. (Sweet biscuits with caramel spread filling)
4. Chirimoya in tumbito blankmange.
5. Traditional Suspiro a la limeña (A rich sweet creamy delight)


NOTE: This Gourmet list may change depending on the availability of the season.

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