2. Clay Pots

For parties of 20 or more
Price per person S/. 75
Includes tax and service charge
Lunch and dinner served at client's request


  • Pisco sour
  • Algarrobina (carob tree honey-alcoholic beverage)
  • White Wine
  • Red Wine
  • Beer
  • Chicha morada (Purple Corn Refreshment)
  • Soft Drink



Salad Bar. Mixed lettuces, spinach, avocado, tomato, corn, string beans, carrots, cucumber, lima beans, onions, minced hard-boiled eggs, croutons, etc.
Salad dressing.
House Vinaigrette.
Causa stuffed with chicken.
Fish Ceviche with baked sweet potato and corn kernels.
Chicken Escabeche.
Papa a la Huancaina (potato slices bathed in a smooth creamy aji sauce).
Yuca with Ocopa Sauce - rustic.

Creole Tamales.
Green Humitas.
Suckling Pig crackling.
Stuffed rocoto pepper with potato quiche.
Creole Salad (Seasoned sliced onions).


Aji de Gallina (shredded chicken in a smooth aji sauce served on a slice of potato with rice).
Saltado de pescado (Sautéed fish, potatoes and onions served with rice).
Seco de Res (tender beef chunks stewed in cilantro).
Carapulcra (dry potato stew with little pork chops served with rice).
Cau-Cau (tripe and potatoes stewed in bijol seasoning served with rice).
Olluquito con charqui (Andean tuber with jerked meat served with rice).
Black beans cooked in carob.
Rice with corn.
Creole Salad (Seasoned sliced onions).

Aji sauce our style.


1. Suspiro a la limeña (A rich sweet creamy delight).
2. Arroz con leche (rice, sweet condensed milk and a touch of special flavours).
3. Mazamorra morada (Purple Corn pudding-like dessert).


NOTE: This Gourmet list may change depending on the availability of the season.
Cubierto / Cover Charge.
Price in local currency.
Include tax and service charge

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