Chaufa Rice & Seafood S/. 28

Prawns, squid, octopus soft shells cooking, sauteed with grained rice in soy sauce, sesame oil and fine spices.
*Recommended Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

Rice & Seafood S/. 35

Rice stewed in a fish, coral and chili consommé, with shrimps, octopus, squid and Peruvian scallops. Really delicious.
*Recommended wine: Chardonnay.

Tuna Fish with Elderberry Sauce S/. 36

Big diced stir-fried tuna loin coated with sesame seeds, served with delicate puréed sieva beans with elderberry sauce, accompanied with crisp fried leek.
*Recommended wine: Chardonnay.

Charcoaled grouper in Lime Butter S/. 38

Bounteous broomtail grouper in a bed of sautéed spinach and a drizzle of toasted garlic.
*Recommended wine: Chardonnay Reserve Label.

Mero Murique stretcher sauce S/. 46

With roasted potatoes and grilled seafood.
*Recommended wine: Dry Sauvignon Blanc .

Dried Potato and Crawfish Stew in Pisco S/. 46

Crawfish tails stewed in their own coral, with dried panca chili pepper, pink molle pepper, minced toasted peanuts and dried potatoes, all made in a crawfish consommé with Pisco Italia, served with white rice.
*Recommended Marriage: a glass of Acholado Pisco.

Grilled Sole or Grouper Fillet with Shellfish Sauce S/. 46

The best fish from our ocean delivered to you in a solid shellfish sauce in mild aji pepper, accompanied with steamed white potatoes and white rice.
*Recommended wine: Sauvignon Blanc.

Peruvian Steamed Grouper or Sea Bass or Sole Fillets with Shellfish S/. 50

Steamed fish fillets sautéed in concentrated broth of delicious shellfish with northern yellow maize fermented liquor (chicha de jora), tomatoes, onions and chilis, served with sweet potato, steamed potato and white rice.
*Recommended wine: Chardonnay.

Grilled Sea Bass in Crawfish Sauce S/. 54

A delicious sea bass fillet served with our traditional crawfish coral sauce, accompanied with grilled shrimp tails.
*Recommended wine: Sauvignon Blanc.

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